Why buy pre-owned computers, components or electronics?

It's simple. Why pay more when you don't have to?

Every single item in our inventory is refurbished and tested so it works exactly like new. We back all our products with a comprehensive 30-day warranty and personal customer support, providing you peace of mind with every purchase.

If you’re like us, you also care about the environment and protecting our planet. We built our company to extend product life cycles and cultivate sustainability; when you buy refurbished parts, you’re doing your part in the fight against harmful e-waste. Components belong in your computer, not in a landfill.

Lastly, buying used electronics at Computerparts.com directly connects you to our knowledgeable technician team. From setup to troubleshooting and more, we offer comprehensive customer support at no cost to you. No automated phone systems or chat system hoops to jump through - email or call our team and talk to a real human from the start.

No matter your project or technical expertise, Computerparts.com has the products and support you need. Discover our online inventory and find your new system or upgrade today.